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Land Management


Customary land tenure is widely practiced and covers large parts of Uganda prior research has classified it as an inefficient system, a source of problems in land administration and incapability of supporting economic development. As a result the National Land policy of 2013 comes in play to ensure that customary tenure supports development through the various strategies outlined in the policy.

The rural development program contributes to LANDnet’s  strategic Objective 8: By 2021, LANDnet will have significantly influenced processes and practices that improve customary tenure. In order to achieve its mandate LANDnet Uganda will operate through the existing laws of Uganda to ensure that rural land is managed sustainably and that disputes arising from its access, use and ownership are resolved amicably. In trying to achieve the programs objective LANDnet will use two strategies;

The multi stakeholder dialogue is a strategy established by LANDnet, in order to ensure a more effective and coordination of the implementation of the rural development program. The dialogue will focus on policy, raising awareness on innovative methods and tools for protection of security of tenure, Enhance stronger linkages and building partnerships between government and different ministerial sectors, private sector, local communities.

Building advocacy capacity of stake holders; The participation of  civil society organizations, CBOs in multi stake holder advocacy  enables them to have a voice  in decision  making a long side  the duty bearers . LANDnet will therefore build trust with various stake holders by facilitating information. The collective spaces and discussions will increase the capacities of stakeholders to achieve common goals.

LANDnet will implement through the identified CBOs in the various districts of Uganda. An analysis of the CBOs doing work around land will be conducted and there strategy plans should be in line with LANDnet’s strategy plan. For the smooth implementation through CBOs implementation strategy with the identified CBOs will be developed and Memorandum of understanding entered into with the CBOs.

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