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About Us

LANDnet Uganda was founded in 2012 as a Network engaged in Research, Capacity Development and Policy Advocacy on Land, Gender, Agriculture and Natural Resources Management. Because of the role LANDnet is envisaged to play in the political economy of Uganda and the East African region, it is registered as a company Limited by guarantee.

LANDnet offers capacity development, research and organizational management and development to the public, private sectors and to Civil Society Organizations. It seeks to build capacity of young professionals in land governance taking into consideration the emerging body of knowledge in land and natural resources management practices building in to this the fundamentals of gender equality and other social and cultural rights.

LANDnet is a value network comprising a range of stakeholders acting together with the aim of having a significant effect on development outcomes from land governance initiatives. Between the different stakeholders, different forms of formal and in-formal relationships are emerging that will broaden the scope and reach of LANDnet beyond Uganda’s boarders. Central to LANDnet’s work is to build and strengthen three kinds of relationships:

  1. Advocacy platforms to carry key messages and represent positions agreed to by non-state actors relating to land governance and associated sectors, carrying the key messages and taking action towards reform or actions that are agreed upon..
  2. Knowledge management and sharing platforms that will seek to generate new knowledge using participatory and inclusive approaches, package and share this new knowledge for policy influence and practice change in a manner that will be meaningful to the target groups of LANDnet’s interventions. At the core of this is building the capacity of young professionals in the practice of different aspects of land governance.
  3. Multi-stakeholder dialogues that aim at building consensus and raising a collective voice on key pertinent and emerging issues in land governance and the associated sectors in Uganda

LANDnet’s Vision, Mission and Objectives


Uganda’s land and natural resources used productively, efficiently and sustainably for present and future generations.


Create an enabling environment for effective participation of all stakeholders in the efficient use and management of Uganda’s land resources for sustainable development.