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Joyce Asekenye
Board Member

I am a Coordinator Teso Karamoja Women Initiative for Peace (TEKWIP) and lam the chairperson of an Interest group working on conflicts around borders - within Teso & with other districts with support by GIZ-CPS.

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TEKWIP is a member of other  Interest Groups e,g TeCoDLAM (Teso Conflicts around dual land management systems, then TEKWIP is  a member of AWOLARIP - Ateker Women Land Rights Partners.

So, for more than 10 years , l have been doing a lot on land related issues through meetings, radio talk shows,dialogue meetings, training of the duty bares including the clan leaders & Religious leaders in Teso Sub Region.

The resent in my appointment as a BOD Member LANDnet .

In conclusion, l have enjoyed my NGO work with women & the community at large and l have enough experience in working with the community and other stakeholders at all levels.