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Gertrude Rose Gamwera
Local Governance

Gertrude Rose Gamwera is the Secretary General, Uganda Local Governments Association, Kampala. She is a professional graduate Lawyer with and a graduate of the Executive MBA from ESAMI/MAASTRICT, Esami-Arusha Tanzania.

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As Secretary General, Ms Gertrude Rose Gamwera has been able to steer and make a number of contributions that profile the Association. Some of the key notable interventions include serving and represent ULGA on various Working Group and Steering Committees on Decentralization and Public Service Co-ordination projects, programmes and related initiatives like the Decentralization Technical Working Group, Public Sector Management Working Group, EDF Steering Committees  to mention a few. In addition to these, she has presented papers and represented ULGA at various key Local, Regional and International Forums like the UNDP Conference on Local Economic Development, Kampala, 2010, EC Brussels Meeting on the EC Communique on the role of Local Government Associations, April 2013, PLATFORMA Kampala meeting May 2013 and the recent EU regional meeting for East Africa on Territorial Approach to local development where she made the case for the role of Local Governments Associations held in April 2016.

Ms Gamwera is also recognized for having provided technical legal support to the founding and formation of the East African Local Governments Association and extended support to EALGA Ag Secretary General as Over Seer between 2010- 2012 when a substantive Secretary General was appointed.